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Why Yampyweb ?
I am originally from the Birmingham area of the United Kingdom, sometimes known as the Midlands, I lived most of my life in a town called Smethwick. I now live in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Yampy is a local Midlands area word used to describe someone who is not quite right in the head, like a little crazy, and thats definitely me. I wanted a website name that was unusual and thats how I came up with YAMPYWEB, some sensible stuff mixed with a little crazy..............thats my story and Im sticking to it : )

I wont see 60 again, but Im not sure how a guy my age is supposed to act as I am told now and again to 'grow up and act my age', if only I knew how to act. Happily divorced with a daughter (Mom to two of my Granddaughters) and a son (Dad to my other two Granddaughters). I was an electrician by trade and retired December 31st 2007. I do most of my home, bike, some car repairs, etc. and pride my self in my practical abilities.

I used to love riding my 2000 Honda CBR600 F4 round twisty roads but due to a botched knee replacement I cant ride crotch rockets anymore (probably a good thing). The next fast bike was a 2008 Suzuki DRZ40SM which was a blast to ride but I was getting a bit too crazy on it so sold it for my own safety. I also like playing in the dirt on my 2008 Yamaha TTR230 or my Suzuki LTZ400 four wheeler . Also had a couple of Kawasaki EX500 race bikes that me and my son used to play with on our local race track which is Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Rockton, Illinois. Probably the most 'dangerous' bike I have is a Honda ZR50 mini bike as both my son and myself tend to get overconfident/stupid on such a 'small bike' and have fell off and lost skin many times. During the summer season I watch all the Moto GP, World Superbike and British Superbike motorcycle races.
Im addicted to computers and probably spend too much time playing with them. I like playing with cars, but not working on them as much as I used to. Guess Im somewhat of a VW fanatic, started with a 1968 Bug in 1977 and got hooked, I have had  several VW Rabbits and a few other vehicles besides.
Guess I go with the theory
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