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I got into computers in the early 80's, first with a Radio Shack TRS80 and then with Commodore 64's. I stuck with 64's and even had a Commodore repair business for many years with the name of Doctor 64. They were an amazing machine and the more I work with modern computers the more I am impressed with what they achieved with only 64K of memory. I progressed into PC's and built and repaired those for many yeras, now I just work with them as a hbby. I run Windows XP on my main computer and Windows 7 on the computer that I do all my photo and movie work on. I do have machines running Windows 8.1, its not my favorite operating system but I made it a lot more user friendly with a free program named Classic Shell, CLICK HERE to go to their website. It gives 8.1 a start menu simlar to XP & 7. Now they are working on Windows 10, whatever next.
I have an AppleiPad mini but I'm not impressed.

Tips and Tricks - Print Screen

Ever wondered why this button does not seem to do anything ? Well it actually does and can be very useful. You would think that if it says "Print Screen" and you have the printer turned on its going to print the current screen, nope, too logical. If you want to capture the current screen first push the Print Screen key, then open your favorite photo editing or graphics program and open a blank/new page. Then either right click the mouse and click on 'paste' or push the Ctrl key and 'v', you should now see the captured screen which you can now edit and save as you wish.

This Website
I built this website totally myself and had fun doing it, if you are interested in getting your own website I would love to help, just Email me by clicking on the Email link on the left side of this page.

Here is a website I built for a local estate sales business
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